Bespoke / Custom Brackets & Plates

We manufacture bespoke / custom fixing, cranked & connecting brackets & plates that serve as cost effective alternatives to the standard fixing brackets that form our Framefix range.

Our well established long term relationships with raw material suppliers allow us to  offer relatively quick turnaround times of the parts required.

Fixing, Cranked & Connecting Brackets & Plates

Our experience & production options provide us with the ability to manufacture lower volumes of bespoke / custom fixing, cranked & connecting brackets & plates at cost effective prices.

Toolmaking Service

As part of our toolmaking service, we provide form tools, blank tools and pierce tools, as well as ongoing maintenance of the tooling that provides on going standard parts for Framefix.

Baypole Jacks

We produce “Baypole load bearing assemblies” also known as “Baypole jacks”. These are made to high standards utilising our latest CNC machining centre. We have a dedicated website for these products at



Example 1

One of our customers have asked us to provide them with a quote for a product they are current sourcing from another supplier.

We receive a drawing of their requirement along with predicted volumes and we then proceed to determine the best way of producing, looking at what tooling would be required in line with the demand quoted.

We then determine the cost of the tooling and the subsequent run rates/material costs and specific packing requirements.

We agree with our customer that the tooling can be spread over a year’s demand and then add that cost to the unit price thus assisting the customer with not having an initial large outlay of finance without return.

Within a 48 hour period we have all the answers for our customer, hopefully our customer feels confident in our approach due to the years of experience we have in the industry.

Example 2

One of our customers required a crank in a bracket, we take a flat standard bracket from Framefix range then manufacture a bend/form/crank tool which we then trial and send part approval to customer.

Once approved this then transfers to Framefix for production in line with our customers requirements.

Example 3

A new customer requires a small amount of baypole jacks – they send a sample of tube reinforcer which they want us to match, we manufacture a small amount of baypole jacks including a stud and base fabrication and supply accordingly

The advantage to our customer is that we can offer made to measure product as well as not having high minimum order quantities.

(The Text below is already on the Construction page)

A sub division of Inmans, Framefix was created to meet the growing needs of the construction industry, in particular the need for high performance window brackets for installers, window manufacturers and profile manufacturers alike. Framefix specialises in manufacturing a comprehensive range of window fixing brackets for both uPVC and aluminium window profiles. The product portfolio includes fixing brackets for leading brands including:-

  • Profile 22
  • Kawneer
  • Synseal
  • Plastmo 62
  • Swish
  • WHS Halo
  • Liniar
  • Smart Systems
  • Spectus
  • Senior 600

Our team of specialist engineers manufacture high quality, durable window fixing brackets at our facility in Burnley.  Our window fixing brackets are made with robust, non-corrosive, galvanised 1.5mm thick steel and are easy to install. It is through rigorous quality procedures that we are able to guarantee that all of our products are manufactured to exact specifications.

Why choose Framefix?

  • Experience: our team has been providing high standards and exceptional quality for over 40 years
  • Delivery: with an extensive level of stock we can guarantee a fast, reliable delivery service
  • Quality: we pride ourselves on producing high quality products
  • Pricing: we ensure all our products are competitively priced, however still maintain high levels of quality
  • Comprehensive Range: compatible with most major uPVC and aluminium profiles
  • Quality Marks:  We are accredited to ISO 9001 and are committed to continual improvement

For information on our window fixing brackets please visit our dedicated FRAMEFIX website or alternatively, contact our team for a quote.


SPECTUS 2 lug 140mm 1 Small   SENIOR 600 2 lug 1 small